Writing Contests

For Ages 13-20

  We may choose to run several contests at a time, so check back often!


September Web Contest

Write a story or poem about a


whatever that might mean to you

Deadline: September 30, 2004 

You can enter more than once, so show us all of your ideas!

REMEMBER – your entry MUST have something to do with the prompt. If it doesn’t, it is automatically disqualified. If you have an off-topic story, scroll down to the Storytellers entry form.

Prize:  a teen writer’s dream volume of your choice

(poetically correct 1 or 2, or Storytellers 1 or 2)




Entries closed for Storytellers volume three, but you can now submit for volume 4! We’re still sticking to the free for all format to give you the greatest range of creative license. Make use of it!

Free for all means exactly what it says. Anything goes, as long as it’s prose! <groan> This includes essays as well as traditional short stories.  We are going to hold you to a 3000 word limit this time, though.

Teachers, classroom submissions are welcome!

What the judges will be looking for in Short Stories

Character development




Grammar and spelling (Use your spell check!)


1st place- $20 cash prize and publication in an upcoming collection

2nd place- $15 cash prize and publication in an upcoming collection

3rd place- $10 cash prize and publication in an upcoming collection

Honorable mentions will receive $5, publication and special mention in the book

All others chosen for publication receive $5

All contributors will receive a copy of the book they appear in.

Good luck!

Poetically correct

poetically correct showcases 12 young poets in each volume. We are currently collecting submissions for volume four. If you want to be one of them, here’s what you do:

Submit 10 poems via e-mail or snail mail. INCLUDE ALL 10 POEMS IN THE BODY OF ONE E-MAIL! Single poems are not considered.

They can be on any topic, or a variety of topics. Get a copy of poetically correct one if you want to see what we’re looking for. (Though we want YOUR style.)

There will be no deadline. When we find twelve poets, we’ll close submissions and announce who will be included in poetically correct Volume 4.  5 or more of the 10 poems from each selected writer will be chosen for publication.

Selected poets will receive a royalty based contract and a copy of the book.

What the judges will be looking for in Poetry:

Flow based on poetic form chosen


Consistency of form

Use of topic

Grammar and spelling (Use your spell check!)

If you are not selected, don’t be discouraged! Visit the message boards and hone your skills, then try for the next one. Hopefully we will be able to continue publishing volumes of outstanding teen writing for many years to come. But, of course, to continue printing books we must sell books. Ask about A Teen Writer’s Dream – poetically correct  the next time you visit your favorite bookstore, or school library. We can proclaim the worth of teen writers until we’re blue in the face, but it’s up to you to let them know that what we say is true.