Top Key Factors Of Successful Penis Enlargement

So you have an unsatisfactory size of the penis, and you want to make it bigger? You can always go through a penis enlargement process, in which you can add some penis size. However, you must be warned that not all men will experience the same results. Some of them might gain a significant amount of size, some of them might only gain a small amount of size. The worse case in this situation is that you will not gain anything. There are several key factors, which affect the success rate of penis enlargement process. Here are some of them.

Your Age

As you might already know, our body will stop growing as we grow old. It applies to penis enlargement process, in which, basically, we are trying to make our penis grow in size. Young men, who undergo a penis enlargement process, tend to have a bigger rate of success than the older ones. It does not mean that you cannot achieve any results, if you are old. You just might gain a very small amount of growth when you are old. Thus, you can still try even if it does not fit you.

Your Testosterone Level

In men, testosterone level is very important in determining the manhood or male sexuality. It also portrays such a huge influence in body growth, especially in your genital area. Those, who have a higher rate of testosterone in their body, will likely experience more growth than those, who have a smaller amount. Testosterone level can also bring you a faster rate of healing or cell multiplication, in which it usually happens, when you are doing a penis enlargement process. Thus, you do need more testosterone in order for you to be successful in your attempt at enlarging your penis.

Discipline and routine

One of the most important key factors in the success of penis enlargement would be your discipline in doing the routine. As you might know, you need to follow a particular regiment or a routine, in order for you to achieve the maximum results. Some penis enlargement process can take time up to six months. This does take perseverance, if you want to see significant results. That is why penis enlargement requires you to be discipline in following the routine. If you cut your routine and do it sparely, you will not see any results that are satisfying.

The Device Itself

There are so many different kinds of penis enlargement devices that you can buy. That is why you must understand that some people might react better to some devices than the others. Some guys would prefer to use penis pump as it gives them a better rate of success in growing the girth of their penis. Some guys would like their penis to be longer, and that is why they prefer to have a penis extender device in their hands. Some penis enlargement pills are also a lot more successful for some other people than using a regular penis enlargement devices.