Male Fertility FAQ

What about this: “Can sports-related trauma to the groin area result in male infertility?”. The answer is sure. It depends on the sport, and it depends on the trauma. So, obviously, if a man gets a huge trauma, say a handlebar injury from the motorcycle, or from a BMX accident, or something like that, that causes disruption of the testicle (we call a rupture), and it is not repaired. That testicle can suffer severe damage, or it could even cause a blockage. It would be very unlikely, but it could block both sides. So in other words, if he had an injury so significant to the pelvis that both of those reproductive sides were affected, sure I can see that.

One of the other questions I get all the time is what about bike riding? We hear this all the time “I should not ride my bike, it causes fertility issues.” And the answer to that is it really depends on how much you are riding your bicycle. So, if you think about a guy that is riding forty miles a week or guys that are riding four hundred miles a week, that is an extreme difference. So it is not the bicycle riding itself, but we do know that men that are professional cyclist during their high training season, their hormone levels change, their testosterone actually often drops, and they will have abnormalities in sperm production. But again for the guy that likes to cycle on the weekends to stay in shape I don’t really discourage that.

Any sport-related trauma causes that damage to the testicle, however, can certainly cause damage to the reproductive system and cause potential fertility problems. How many times that I have seen that in my practice, where an injury causes bilateral blockage or bilateral injury of the testicle, so severe that we can’t fix it. I would have to say probably zero. So not a huge problem.

What about this: “Like steroids can other supplements be detrimental to fertility?”. So what else is out there in the big bad really a truly unregulated world of supplements and the answers “who knows?”. Anything that affects testosterone production, anything that affects pituitary metabolism is going to have some effect on male fertility. It is very difficult for me to counsel patients because you don’t know what they are actually taking. But, absolutely, there is a lot of things out there that you can buy over the counter and much more on the Internet, that can disrupt fertility. So it is very important when you list your medications, which you consider, anything you take: medication, supplements, herbs, etc. So that we can build a better picture of what may or may not be detrimental to your fertility.

So that were the most popular questions about male fertility. I hope that this article was useful for you.